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4 Partners To Accelerate Your Omnichannel Business

March 31, 2023
4 Partners To Accelerate Your Omnichannel Business

Image: Customers browsing NADAAM's eCommerce site from Bleecker St., NYC retail store - powered by Leap

Leap just returned from Shoptalk 2023 and as an intelligent retail platform ourselves, enjoyed getting to know other businesses transforming how we do commerce. Missed the tradeshow? Consider this your sparknotes version of who you may want to connect with for your eComm business.

Note: Leap does not currently work with nor formally endorse any of these platforms. We’re sharing what we found interesting at Shoptalk for those who were not able to attend.

4. Firework - end-to-end video solution built for the scale and speed of commerce

In other words: They create the content to drive traffic back to your site.

Firework provides video experiences where people shop: on your website. Think about it - your team creates dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of content per month for social media channels. Why not drive viewers back to your site with that same content and an equally engaging on-site experience? Using infrastructure that’s commerce-enabled, you have access to both click and view-through attribution data. Don’t have the in-house creative team you need? They have a 70 person managed services and content creation team, too.

Why we think it’s interesting: Firework is all about owning, not renting your user. It moves video beyond an acquisition lever and unlocks it as a retention tool. Learn more about Firework.

3. Zowie - customer service suite for brands who want to maximize efficiency and unlock revenue potential 

In other words: The AI-powered customer service software you need.

Zowie covers a few verticals, including traditional customer service and inbox management, but what excites us most is “Zowie Grow,” or AI-enabled chat that turns every customer interaction into a chance to sell. Zowie monitors your site behavior and automatically notifies agents as to which customers are most likely to convert. It also equips agents with personalized, interactive product carousels across all of your channels, including social media, to drive conversion & increase AOV.

Why we think it’s interesting: Zowie enables you to show the true revenue potential of customer service. Discover which interactions are converting, and replicate effective tactics to improve the entire customer experience.Learn more about Zowie.

2. - product discovery platform with the deepest image recognition platform for commerce

In other words: They connect your shoppers with the relevant products they’re looking to buy.

From search to recommendations to SEO & SEM, bridges the gap between brand-speak and customer-speak across your existing commerce ecosystem. Think about all the times you’ve searched “pastel dress” on a retailer’s site, and you’ve been less than impressed with the search results. That’s because tagging products is an extremely manual and nuanced process. turns qualitative product attributes into a universal, customer-centered mathematical language so you can find that pastel dress - regardless of how it’s named - each and every time. Lily does this with impressive scale - working across more than 15k attributes to append searchable, consumer facing terms to PDPs.

Why we think it’s interesting: enables brands to think like their customers. You can name your products whatever you want to differentiate your brand, and will ensure new & prospective customers can find them.  Learn more about

1. Findmine - predictive intelligence that empowers merchants and marketers to automate product combinations for 95% of the catalog

In other words: A smarter way to “complete the look” and drive incremental revenue

Doing “shop the look” creation manually can only cover a small portion of your eCommerce catalog, leaving revenue on the table. Findmine is a content engine that creates “looks” that are indistinguishable from ones handcrafted by a merchant so you can convey your brand’s personality at scale while saving internal teams 99% of their time. Guiding shoppers to complete an outfit, furniture set, or beauty look is proven to result in customers spending 3x more.

Why we think it’s interesting: Findmine merges art and science and has powerful implications across all marketing channels - from your site to email/SMS and social media. Learn more about Findmine.

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