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Faherty Opens Their Next Florida Store on the Leap Platform in Las Olas

August 24, 2021
Faherty Opens Their Next Florida Store on the Leap Platform in Las Olas

Faherty has continued their rapid growth, expanding in a new market with their third store on the Platform in Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas Boulevard. This is a complement to their in-house efforts to open over thirty retail stores across the country by the end of this year, continuing to drive scale and omnichannel growth into new retail hotspots.

Faherty Las Olas store interior with shoppers

Faherty’s strategy with Leap has allowed them to expand their retail fleet into new markets at high speed and with less risk. One of the key advantages the Leap Platform has been able to offer Faherty is the chance to open new stores outside of their core regions. Building on the success of their Chicago store, Leap was able to deliver a fully omnichannel retail store turnkey on Las Olas, optimizing store layout and merchandising for the local Florida market.

Southern Florida is a growth nexus for Leap our first of seven new stores opening in the Sunshine State over the next six months. As we open more stores on the platform across Southern Florida, our operating efficiencies among stores in the region will continue to multiply. By drawing on our shared infrastructure and using our local customer file, we can drive incremental gains and measurable impact.

Faherty Las Olas store activation

With Leap, Faherty didn’t have to start from zero in a market that poses a massive opportunity for their business. Instead, they have been able to win quickly and scale to maximize their presence in the South Florida market and open a store in time for the busiest season.

With a successful launch we’re looking forward to even more brands launching in Florida’s dynamic retail market and across the platform this summer.

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