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Something Navy Debuts on the Upper East Side

August 24, 2021
Something Navy Debuts on the Upper East Side

Launching an ecommerce store is difficult. Launching an ecommerce store and omnichannel branded retail at the same time is magnitudes more so. With Leap, Something Navy was able to do both, introducing their fashion line on ecommerce while Leap opened, staffed, and operated an immersive store in the West Village before expanding to a second location on the Upper East Side.

Leap’s Platform was able to seamlessly bring Something Navy’s brand and purely digital experience into multiple physical retail locations. The success of their store on Bleecker led them to continue their journey and expand uptown in their busiest market. Leap found a second prime NYC location on the Upper East Side using our proprietary data and insights—a perfect fit for their customer profile. Leap signed the lease and covered the majority of the capital required to launch. The process was fully turnkey, allowing them to open both locations with much less capital expenditure and risk than if they had launched on their own. Something Navy CEO Matt Scanlan elaborated on his experience working with Leap in a recent feature in the Wall Street Journal.

“I’m very practical and pragmatic, and this is a very practical and pragmatic way of going about retail,”

Matt Scanlan, CEO, Something Navy

The results speak for themselves. From the color palette and design of the furniture and fixtures, every element of the store’s aesthetic has been considered to embody the Something Navy brand ethos.

Something Navy Upper East Side interior
Something Navy Upper East Side, Powered by Leap

But Leap’s approach to designing retail experience is more than skin-deep, with our platform fully driving all operations of the store, from hiring and staffing to scheduling and payroll. Leap trains managers and associates to ensure they thoroughly understand Something Navy’s product lineup and what the brand stands for. They’re able to form deep relationships with customers and put a face to Something Navy’s brand name.

When it came time for their newest store to launch, Leap and Something Navy worked together to make sure it was a massive success. Something Navy integrated their store launch into its social media strategy, so that the brand’s passionate following knew where and when they could come shop in person. Leap activated and engaged local shoppers in NY from its universal customer file to drive significant lift and attention for the brand, and an activation with buzzy local brand Van Leeuwen’s meant there was a custom ice cream truck to drive foot traffic.

A customer in Something Navy's Bleecker Street location
A shopper trying on at Something Navy’s West Village location at 379 Bleecker Street.

Leap’s flexible model was perfect for Something Navy’s unique approach, bringing the brand’s monthly collection drops and partner brand marketplace model in-store, mirroring their product offering online. Our platform capabilities further blurred the lines between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail. Customers can buy online then pickup curbside, schedule appointments ahead of time, and place orders to ship product directly from the store or their warehouse.

Associate folding clothing at Something Navy UES
Associate ringing up a purchase at Something Navy Upper East Side.

With the launch of their newest store on the Upper East Side, Something Navy now has two beautifully-designed, fully branded retail spaces in two of the busiest shopping districts in the city that they were able to launch effortlessly turnkey with Leap. Both are fully-staffed, seamlessly operated stores with highly-trained teams and full omnichannel capabilities. Something Navy has been able to grow their brand and acquire new fans, and we look forward to even wider expansion in New York and across the country in the months to come!

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